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Content Marketing + Influencer Marketing = Kick Ass Engagement

You see hundreds of links a day, especially if you’re on social media.

But which links are you most likely to click?

Sure the ones that are preceded by a snappy and intriguing headline, probably stuff that your friends have sent you, almost certainly a combo of those two!

But it’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel compelled to share from someone you don’t know that has nothing of value to you.

This all sounds very obvious, because it’s common sense, but let’s just put a bookmark in this for a moment.

As content marketers, we spend hours researching, crafting, finding original sources and contributors to compose not just good, but unmissable, must share content that above all, adds value! We know it’s more effective than blog filler, cookie-cutter rubbish where the sole purpose is to improve keyword searches and fill out the website.

There are 2 top-level stages in the content marketing process: 1) creating the content and 2) sharing the content.

We’ve already discussed that we do step one well, so why do we not spend as much, if not more time, making stage 2 as optimal as possible? And what is the best way to do this?

This is where we return to that bookmark from earlier:

The best way to share content and ensure you get real bang for your viral marketing buck, is to get influencers to share your content.

People engage and react better to people they know, trust and admire.

I can reel off statistics to backup the fact that influencer marketing is the best thing for engagement since man discovered putting a massive diamond on a precious metal ring and giving it to a woman. But it only really takes a minute of reflection to appreciate that this common sense approach to content distribution, is a no-brainer.
“That’s all well and good,” I hear you say, “but how do I go about getting the right people to help?”

This is a very good question, and for the most part it’s the reason many of us hit a road block in really sharing the pants off of our carefully created content. I think we need to start with actually defining what constitutes an influencer in a marketing context.

I’m not attempting to turn influencer marketing on its head by stating that each of us on our own has a greater social impact than a public figure with a large doting social following. But what I am throwing out there, is that we each have followers who are more inclined to engage with our content because they’ve already decided they like what we’re about (otherwise they wouldn’t have followed us, right?).

In essence what I’m saying is that each of us individually is, in effect, an influencer of sorts!

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads. (

So with that established we need to assess how many active distribution channels are contributing to our marketing efforts.

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone here, I know there are some savvy marketers reading this post who have a very neat and efficient setup. But let’s take the average blogger or contributor who writes a piece, has it posted, then shares it on each of their social media platforms once.

We have already established that you are actually an influencer of sorts in that your followers trust what you say above adverts or other people on the internet. So you’ve reached out to your followers, in the hope that they too share your work with their following as influencers themselves – this is what I call ‘Post and Pray.’ And it’s what we’re trying to improve upon here.

When Daniel Kempe and myself founded, we wanted to create a means for talented content marketers to share their work with the world more easily.

Not just that, but we wanted the work to be shared by people who were genuinely interested in your content and who also had followers that would want to know specifically about your area of expertise. Luckily with the rising awareness that having value adding content on your social profile would attract more followers, we had a market ready and willing to engage with this plan.

So we created Quuu as an enhancement (not a replacement) to supplement existing marketing and social media activity…


What is Quuu and how does it help?

Quuu is a platform where talented content curators (and creators) can add engaging posts to a sharing pool, under a single interest category and the end users can come and subscribe to have highly relevant and engaging posts automatically sent to their Buffer accounts for scheduling – effectively it’s an enhancement for their social media to grow and add value to their following.

However, this is where Quuu can be a big help to content marketers.

The nature of Quuu means that if your work is good enough to be curated and is added to the sharing pool, then your work will be pushed out every day (for as long as it remains live) to all the users who said that they were interested in the subject of your work.

Each of these users are influencers to their following and that means that you are guaranteeing yourself consistent and high quality influencer marketing. Real accounts, sharing your content, over a longer period of time, with people that are interested in your content’s subject matter.

In real terms you’ll experience: a growing social following and more traffic. Why? Because these are high quality shares, with posts that have been carefully written to include the relevant hashtags, usernames and links, they’re being shared by trusted people to a relevant audience.

And that means we’ve got the double whammy that we were after by having great Content Marketing + Influencer Marketing to equal kick ass engagement.

I have discussed how Quuu can help with both content marketing and influencer marketing in one fell swoop, but I’m not endorsing that you rely solely on this. Influencer marketing is still about finding the most influential people out there and really working on crafting a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are some helpful quotes found on the KissMetrics blog … from influencers 😉 (again, think about it, who are you more likely to believe: a random small business owner or these guys?…)







What other tools can help facilitate this dream combo?

Influence & Co. – Influence & Co. is all about building relationships the old fashioned way, with real hand-on personal communication. No software at play here analyzing algorithms or data. Just simply begin to form connections with hundreds of publications, regardless of how niche the client’s industry is.

Notifier – Being an avid reader of the blog, you’ll have no doubt heard of the new tool on the block by the same clever chaps, Notifier. Just in case you haven’t, I’ll go over it here.

Notifier is one of the best ways to promote your content and connect with influencers in your field.

By letting people you’ve mentioned in your writing know that you’ve included them in your latest work you are drawing their attention to your content and as well as making sure they don’t miss it, you’re probably guaranteeing yourself a darn good quality share from them!

The way it works is that Notifier scans for brands and people within your content (simply paste the URL into the search) and strips out their Twitter handles. Once done, Notifer auto-creates a tweet to let them know you’ve referenced them or their work.

Zoomph – Zoomph generates a score based on an influencer’s impact on a particular topic.

Once you’ve identified the top influencers for your fields of interest you can engage them via the Zoomph platform. This tool offers a variety of search and analytics-based services that will not only boost your insight and understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, but allow you to manage your marketing better!

Influitive – Specializing in B2B marketing, Influitive helps you find the appropriate advocates for your campaigns. Influitive takes the guesswork out of recruiting, mobilizing and recognizing advocates that can be used to engage loyal advocates, refer new clients and crucially, close deals.
Based on the principal that incentivizing happy customers to spread the word about your company is one of the most effective forms of influencer marketing available, this company is definitely one to check out in 2016.
Socedo – Socedo automates your social media lead generation and starts engaging its members with just one click.
The pain point that this clever business solves is not only finding the right audience to read your work, but promoting it too! Their process facilitates finding influencers and prospects based on the criteria that you set. Thereon in you are able to manage your relationship with them by creating a predefined engagement workflow to qualify each lead.

I really hope that this blog has shed some light on the rewards that can be reaped from implementing the strategy:

Content Marketing + Influencer Marketing = Kick Ass Engagement

I also hope that it’s provided you with enough good resources to get you started on developing your own strategy.

I’d love to hear of your experiences with the aforementioned companies, as well as your thoughts on combining influencer and content marketing to improve engagement!



Michael Pozdnev

Excellent article! You’ve read my mind :)

I have reasoned recently how great it would be to have more groups of like-minded people. And now it turns out that you have already created Quuu. Well done!

As regards influencer marketing, I would like to add that this is a new type of marketing which will gather pace every day. Since there appear more and more great articles, it is very difficult to orient yourself in their flow. I’d love to read all of them, but I have to choose. Of course, you trust the opinion of your friends and influencers more. I think that apart from sharings and comments, we need other indicators of the article’s quality. Unfortunately, I do not know which ones :)

I felt the power of expert assistance when I published my first post and launched the blog. It is very difficult to get first visitors from scratch. The first task is to establish mutual relations that are beneficial for both sides. In my case it was help in SEO analysis of their blogs, identifying advantages and disadvantages. I wrote an 8,000 words monster post and it was appreciated by such people as Brian Dean, Ramsay Taplin, Robbie Richards and many others. The main impetus was obtained only with their help in social networks.

Thank you again for the interesting post and Quuu!

PS There is a misprint in the link “myself” in your profile on Twitter (ftwitter …)

Matthew Spurr

Thanks for the comment Michael, glad that you also see the vast potential in marketing in this way. Congratulations on the success of your blog’s first post :-)

Michael Pozdnev

Thank YOU!


Quuu is a solid execution on an idea that I had had for a long time. Kudos, I couldn’t do it, you guys look like you’re nailing it. Had a good experience so far using it.

On another note, you might have to create two categories for clicks now: What will I click on and read now, and what will I save to my pocket and reduce to plain text, never click your lead gen popup and consume without interacting with your site.

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