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Salmon + Broccoli = Blog Growth

Have you ever felt stuck?

If you are like me, you know you should be producing great content. And you’ve figured out that you need to do more than promoting your latest blog a few times on social media.

When it’s all said and done, you have a desire for more growth.

  • Maybe it comes from the expectations of a client.
  • Perhaps it’s the personal goals you have set.
  • Or maybe your boss needs to see a greater return on investment from your work.

So you go to your favorite marketing site and to find a new idea.

Perhaps you…

After hours of work, things are all setup.

The new strategy looks promising – you see some growth. But was it worth the time? Would I have seen that growth without doing that strategy?

The other day I was talking on the phone with William Harris (@wmharris101), owner of Elumynt and he gave me his key secret to growth:


William Harris of Elumynt

[Blog] growth is like salmon and broccoli. By themselves, they each give you 100% benefit.

But by eating them together, they provide an extra boost of 25% nutrients (or something like that).

Turns out, he’s right:

Your body needs high levels of vitamin D. In order to absorb the vitamin D, your body also needs calcium.

Salmon has the high vitamin D content. Broccoli rocks the calcium you need. Together, this combo may contribute to healthy bones, teeth, and blood vessels (winning!).


Thinking back, I’ve seen this happen in marketing too:

  1. I submit an article to the Growth Hackers community.
  2. It reaches the top, driving a solid amount of traffic.
  3. I get included in their weekly newsletter.

    Then something strange happens…
  4. I check out Google analytics and there’s a weird spike of traffic.
  5. I have been curated to a couple of new newsletters.
  6. Social traffic sees a spike from the new traffic.
  7. As a result of the new social shares, organic traffic likewise increases (if you did not know, getting more social shares is a ranking signal).

This has changed my mindset in two ways:

  1. I need to focus on combining strategies
  2. I need to think of things that are going to create noticeable results.

A Simple Strategy to Double Down on Growth

Double my blog growth

Right now, I have one goal: Double the Content Marketer blog traffic by the end of May.



But this has already stretched my thinking:

I no longer feel things are “okay” doing activities that received so-so results.

And it gives me a filter to consider what’s worth my time – do I think this strategy get me to double traffic by the end of May?

If not, I cut it. If so, I work on it.

But there’s more.

I’m looking for salmon + broccoli ideas. That way, I don’t become dependent on one hit wonders that may not work.

So here’s what I’m experimenting with between now and end of May to double blog traffic:

    1. Use Ross Hudgens’s ranking strategy he used to get 250,000 visitors in a year.
    2. Use proven content from StumbleUpon to get similar results. If you like, you can follow what I’m doing on StumbleUpon.
    3. Journalist outreach. Quality links to improve SEO + massive traffic = major win. One article I wrote on SumoMe already got me featured in Huffington Post.
    4. Infographic promotion. Again, potential for massive links + traffic.
    5. Syndicate on other sites. I’m bullish about LinkedIn Pulse and Marketing Insider Group. In time, I want to syndicate on the big guys like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Business Insider.
    6. Double the content on the site. Not something I prefer doing; I write slow. But writing keeps me accountable. It’s kinda therapeutic.


Keep in mind: what works for me may not mean it will work for you.

Why is that?

  • Each of us have different skillsets.
  • More than likely, we are in different industries.
  • We know different people who can help us accomplish our goals.
  • I’ve been eating salmon and broccoli for a year (the metaphorical kind; I’ve been eating the real deal for a couple decades now).

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this at home. Or in your office. Or the telephone. Or while traveling in Rome.

I’ll be writing on Thursdays for the next few weeks on the Content Marketer blog to give you the mindset you need to double the traffic on your site.

In this mini-series, I will be sharing what I do with you. As best as I can, I’ll provide you a simple framework so you can apply this no matter what your situation may be.

You may get better results. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll 10x what I do.

But it starts with showing up. Knowing that if you do the same thing and expecting different results, that is the definition of insanity. And having a willingness to do what’s bold. 

Ready to join me on my adventure?



James Dillon

Thanks for the super resources Jason. The piece you shared from Ross is invaluable. Can’t wait to take a peek inside your process, it’s clearly working a charm!

Jason Quey

Great to hear James! Let me know how it goes.

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